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Is It Easy to Purchase a Home in Florida?

Purchasing a home anywhere in the continental US is less complicated than virtually any other country in the world, and Florida offers buyers an extremely easy and safe approach to home ownership. The single most important factor is to ensure that you use the services of a fully licensed real estate broker.

How Much of a Deposit Is Required to Reserve a Property?

In most cases a “good faith” deposit of just $1,000 will be sufficient to reserve a property and fix price and terms.

Are There Any Other Costs That I Should Be Aware of, in Addition to the Purchase Price?

For all purchasers using a mortgage, there are closing costs to be paid. These are costs incurred when completing the purchase of a home. At the beginning of the loan process there is a fee for the credit report and appraisal, usually they are approximately $300 to $500. As the loan advances there are other expenses to be paid, such as the mortgage setup fee, legal costs associated with the purchase and registration of the property, title insurance, and various prepaid items, such as 12 month household insurance and association fee. As a guide, purchasers should allow around 3-5% of the total purchase price to cover all closing costs.

If you intend to let your property when you are not using it, you will need to comply with local legislation This includes obtaining a hotel/lodging license and ensuring that safety features such as commercial fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and emergency lighting are fitted. Wherever possible, we insure that these costs are included in the final price.

What Are the Tax Implications of Owning a Property in Florida?

This is dependent on both individual circumstances and whether you intent to rent out the property. We will be pleased to discuss the implications with you prior to you visiting Florida, and can provide advice on the best methods of making your investment tax efficient.

How Many Weeks Do I Need to Rent My Home to Cover All the Running Costs?

This depends on the type of property chosen, the location and the amount and term of the mortgage. As a general guide, if you secure up to a 70% mortgage you will need to rent out your home for about 33 weeks per annum to break even on a average sized four bedroom villa. If a fairly large home is selected it only takes another two or three weeks to cover the difference in out goings. Several of our management companies can provide up 17K – 25K per year in rental income on a 4 to 5 bedroom home. However, the home owner can significantly increase rental income by marketing and placing bookings themselves. You should provide 4 to 6 bookings a year to insure break even.

I Understand That There Are Certain Rental Restrictions in Florida- Is That True?

Yes, due to the fact that Florida attracts so many families from northern states, Canada and overseas, that spend only part of the year within it borders, there are so many restrictions as to where and when short – term rentals are permitted. For instance, the four counties that make up the majority of greater Orlando, each have rules relating to the letting of homes on a short-term basis. On the Gulf and Atlantic coast the restrictions are extremely complicated and specific. It is therefore essential to obtain correct professional advice and guidance as to the suitability of a particular community. will ensure that the property you select is completely free from any such restrictions and is legally zoned.

Am I Covered by Insurance in the Event of Damage to My Property?

We help our clients obtain the most comprehensive policies from several of the nation’s leading underwriters. If you are letting your home, the management company you choose should also make provisions to obtain a security deposit from each group of guests on their arrival to cover all accidental breakage’s.

I Am Concerned That When I Visit Florida I May Not View the Best Properties That Are Suitable for My Personal Requirements. How Can I Be Sure That Any Decision I Take Is in My Best Interest?

This is a concern shared by many prospective purchasers. The best possible assurance you can have is to ensure that you select a company that is totally independent and can therefore offer you impartial and unbiased advice on every aspect of property purchase and management. It is essential that a company is highly knowledgeable and expert in all aspects of purchasing a property, has excellent relationships with all major developers, and can provide professional and reliable management service with a proven track record of providing high levels of rental income.

Is Purchasing a Property in Florida a Sound Investment?

Providing that you purchase the correct type of property, in a location that is suitable, real estate in Florida is one of the best investments currently available in the world.


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Includes USA Residential Properties

Loans available for the majority of Nationalities for either House Purchase or re-financing for Home Improvement purposes only.

Type of Loan: Repayment Mortgage only.

Minimum: £ 50,000, No Maximum, but cannot exceed 80% of valuation or purchase price (whichever is the lower).

Proof of Income: required in all cases (can be made up of Earned Income, Pension, Investment or Rental Income. Please note however, it is not always the case that the Lender will take all or part of these Incomes into account when determining the maximum loan available). Non-Status loans are currently not available.

Term: maximum 30 years


Current Variable Interest Rate of approx 5.20% in Sterling (FOR THE FLORIDA SCHEME – SEE ABOVE) or in USA Dollars from approx 5.00% Fixed for 5 years.

Example in US Dollars: Repayment Mortgage of £50,000 over a period of 30 years at an initial Fixed Interest Rate of 5.00% for the first 5 years and then approx 4.95% Variable thereafter = initially approx £271.50 capital & interest per month for the first 5 years and then approx £270.00 capital & interest per month thereafter = a total approximate amount payable over term of £99,290 including capital, interest, arrangement & survey fees.